Dr Munidasa Winslow


Dr Winslow is the founder and executive director of Promises Pte Ltd. Promises is a premier mental health & addictions clinic and training company. Dr Winslow has worked in general psychiatry, specialising in addiction medicine since 1988. His last public appointment was as chief of the Addiction Medicine Department at Singapore’s Institute of Mental Health (IMH). He pioneered the development of addiction services in the community, a program that became the National Addiction Management Service (NAMS).

Dr Winslow is widely recognised as an expert in addiction and impulse control disorders. He has published widely on both general psychological and addiction issues. In addition, he is frequently called upon to speak at conferences in the Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America regions. Dr Winslow continues his research interests through his academic appointments with Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School, along with teaching in numerous medical and counselling courses.

In addition to his distinguished psychiatry work, he endeavours to maintain and develop his therapy/counselling skills. Dr Winslow is fully accredited as a certified master addiction counsellor and a certified clinical supervisor. His passion is to help therapists develop and hone their skills to effect real change in those they seek to help. His down to earth and engaging delivery style is complemented by his unique sense of humour/wit.

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